Friday, June 14, 2013

Wedding of Yussof''s Daughter

Friendship in those days were really close. Of course like any boys and girls, we do fight and had disagreements, but we still remain friend.

I still remember the days when I was in the remove class of 1966.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Clifford Form3 1969

Form 3 was special year, as it was the first real exam.It has been a long time, I have forgotten most of my classmate. Only those I continue to meet, I still remember them.

What I can remember is a bit scratchy, this is what I still can remember:

1. The classroom was at the single block just next to the hostel. It was the first room and nearest to the hostel. There must be over 40 of us, majority are chinese. There were some Malay, and some of them from the remove class like me.

I still remember that Yusuf Ibrahim was there, Hamid Yaakob, Rahimah Ibrahim, Badaruddin. The students not from remove class were, Norzaiti Salleh, Nafizah, Nasron. There was one boy who became a doctor and entered politics later, I cannot remember his name.

2. The form teacher was a young Chinese who drove a Fiat 600. I cannot remember his name, he wore a spec and had a lot of pimples. He was married by had no child. He taught us geography.

3. The most notorious of all the teacher was Mr Patrick. The was a believer in the concept of punishment without reward. He taught history, no really teaching, but used punishment. This is what he did.. " ok class next week, we are going to cover chapter 3, the first sultan of Malacca. Read it and prepare for a quiz".

So next week, he will come with the book in the left hand and a small cane in the right hand. He will go to ask the students, one by one in a raw. He use the book to ask question and the cane to reinforce learning.. or rather to FORCE learning. You cannot answer, put you palm out for the whipping.

That about all,