Saturday, May 28, 2011

A bridge to the Past

Our memory is like a road that link our present to our past. However, due the original design, the patches of the road is not continuous, the further it goes to the past, it is becoming more blurred, with exception for some exciting and memorable segments.

How true is the word of Steven Covey in his 7 Habits, when he was talking about the emotional bank account, despite the gap of time of 35 years or more, friends will naturally meet and pick-up from that was left years ago. The feeling and emotion just clicked in without any effort. That was what happen when I went to attend a wedding reception organised by NbB in Pandan Jaya. Now that we are the elder of the three generations, look back with appreciation, the school life that we had together crossed each others paths.

As they say it, memories are an integral part of us, nobody can take it away. It is the memories, that we build upon, layer by layer, and stack it into mind that help to make what we are today.

johariar may 2011