Thursday, February 21, 2013

Classmates at Padang Tungku

I was at standard 6 in 1965, I cannot really remember how many in the class. However, I still remember, how it was arranged. The students were put in rows according to standard 5 result. Norwin Mohd Nor, was in front, followed by Faridah Mat Natar and then me. Behind is Rohani Pilus and Rohani Mat.

There were 3 Rohani's. Rohani Zainal is the daughter of policemen, Rohani Mat lived in Selvon Estate and she is the mum of the class. She was a big size for a 12 years old girl, and that cause me to think that may be she was much older. Ustaz Mohd used to teased her. Rohani Pilus was small, Ustaz use to lift her, her size was like a standard 2 girl.

I remember Awang Musa. I even met him when he was at Productivity Center. He did his  PhD, then he resigned and wanted to start a business. I do not know what happen. Nowrin went STAR and Faridah to STF. Somehow they did not excel in their study. I was informed, he went to Kelantan and became a car sales agent. Faridah became a teacher.

We had a few new comers. Zainuddin from Melaka and Ibrahim from Kampong Dusun. I never meet them since I left school. Bahanordin became Police OCPD and now started a business after his retirement.

The teacher was cik gu Hasan,  from Mela. During the December Holiday, we went to Mela by train. Actually we were more free than the average kids nowadays. There were 6 of us, 3 boys and 3 girls as I remember. I was long time ago, about 47 years ago. The boys were Norwin, Mat Ali yunus and me. The girls were, Faridah, Rohani Zainal and another girls.

I remember the head Master, Cigu Zakaria. He did the first science experiment. Using portable cooker, he heated a tin with 20% water. As the water turned to gas, he closed the tin, it crumbled when cooled.

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