Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hostel life

There were about 150 over students living in the hostel in 1969. The hostel was a blocks building next to the open field. I think the hostel cost was sponsored as we had to pay a very nominal sum of RM30.00 per month. That included the four meals per day.

Cliffords hostel 1969
The hostel management
The hostel was managed by a hostel's stayed in teacher and the hostel head. Each of the dorm was headed by a dormitory leader.The final responsibility was on the teacher, he collected the monthly hostel fees of rm30 per students and took care of the discipline. Every Sunday, we had the inspection day, there was no cleaners, so we had to day the cleaning of the hostel. There was no laundary provided, so we had to wash our own clothings and hang them on the lines to dry.

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